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Yosemite Pioneer Cemetery – Revisited

Yosemite Cemetery

In the cemetery at Yosemite rests some of the pioneers of the first 100 years of Yosemite’s history. Though few, if any, were “household” names, some played fundamental roles in Yosemite’s beginnings. Some worked in and around Yosemite. Others were visitors. Some were Native Americans whose ancestors inhabited the Valley long before the first westerners entered.

Galen Clark – Guardian of Yosemite (1814-1910)

Galen Clark is probably Yosemite’s most influential person. He gave Yosemite his heart and soul constantly for over 50 years; more time than any two other, more famous characters of Yosemite’s first years. So why isn’t he better known?

Falling in Yosemite

Autumn Chapel By Jeff Kreider

Capturing the Fall Foliage in the Valley is difficult because it is difficult from me to get there without a lot of planning. To find the color in the Valley to coincide with may actual stay has been problematical. The Grand Puh-Bah of my efforts came to fruition in October of 2006.

Thomas Hill – Artist (1829-1908)

Thomas Hill’s Studio still stands at Wawona at, what is now called, The Big Trees Lodge. It is a monument to an extraordinary artist renowned in is own time and to the present.

Remembering the Old Yosemite Village

I took a friend through the valley and Wawona for her first visit since 1956. A lot of changes have occurred in the last 60 years.

Photos of El Capitan

There are a number of “iconic” sights around the park and the valley to photograph. A few of them I can’t help but snap every time I visit. One of them is El Capitan.

Tenaya Lake to the Valley Hike – Wish List (I)

There are all kinds of hikes in the park and I have a list of those I’d like to do at one time or another. One is hiking from Tenaya Lake to the Valley via the Snow Creek Trail.